Fibreglass Roofing

History Of Fibreglass Roofing

GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) was discovered in the 1940’s used extensively in the 1950’s & 1960’s for a wide range of applications, its corrosive-proof properties appearance and high strength have proved it to be invaluable to industry. During the 1950’s and right up until this present day GRP is used extensively in the Boat building industry. The uses for GRP has broadened greatly over recent years and is now standard material in the building industry , renowned for its high performance and water proofing abilities, it has become a rapid growth industry in the roofing sector as more of our population realise the true benefits of upgrading or using GRP from the onset.

Qualities of Fibreglass

Whilst GRP is a relatively inexpensive material the durability, lightweight properties and ability to withstand high temperatures along with its resistance to chemicals, being waterproof and having fireproof and anti-slip additives available GRP can be used in almost any environment it is robust flexible, repairable and can never ever corrode.

The Roof Upgrading Procedure

Normal procedure when upgrading a flat roof to GRP would be to first, remove the old covering to expose the existing roof structure and if necessary also remove that (you will normally be made aware if this is needed at the initial inspection by our surveyor ) we would then re-cover your entire roof with a new wood decking of 18mm thick boarding , the Edging trims are then fitted around the perimeter of the roof giving a pleasing finish to the end product and to enable us to commence laminating, this is done by liberally applying base resin and Fibreglass matting to the new boarding and then waiting for the procedure to cure, once the fibreglass and resin has semi-cured the roof is ready for top coating. Standard Top coating is grey in colour but if required we can use clear topcoat and add a colour pigment of which there is a large variety of colours to choose.

The Guarantee

Our warranty is a 30 year Guarantee against material breakdown, defect and faulty workmanship. Five Star Fibreglass Roof Installation Company are fully insured under a Public Liability Insurance and always follow safe working practices along with health and safety guidelines in performing its Fibreglass procedures to protect its employees, customers and the general public. All GRP work is carried out by trained, experienced laminators . On completion of installation a certificate of compliance and product guarantee will be issued for the works undertaken by Five Star Fibreglass Roof Installation Company.